Control panel is 16 / 14 gauge sheet steel fabricated, dust & Vermin proof & will be complete with internal wiring. The following Protection / Control / Display / Annunciation features are provided for the DG set.

  • MCB of adequate rating
  • Indicating lamps for DG ON & LOAD ON.
  • Key switch
  • Set of Current transformers
  • Set of control fuses
  • Micro-processor based Integrated DG set Controller type Deep Sea with built-in Remote Auto START / STOP facility mounted in the facia of the control panel with a large 2 Line LCD display panel with the following continuous scrolling features :
  • Display Parameters Audio-Visual warning Shut-down with Audio-Visual Annunciation
    Engine Oil pressure Low Oil pressure Low Oil Pressure
    Coolant temperature High Coolant temp. High coolant temp.
    Canopy temperature High Canopy temp. Low Fuel level
    Fuel level Indication % Low Battery Voltage Engine Over speed
    Battery Voltage High Battery Voltage Engine under speed
    Battery cranking Voltage Charging altr. failure Low coolant level in radiator
    Engine rpm Low Fuel Level Under voltage
    DG set hours run Over voltage
    Gen. Volts (Phase- neutral & Phase-Phase) Over frequency
    Gen. Current (Amps.) Under frequency
    Gen. Frequency (Hz.)
    Power factor
  • The controller has data logging facility for the latest 50 faults recorded & option for RS232 / RS485 connectivity for remote monitoring / BMS integration