Operation & Maintenance Contracts

Preamble : Generator is a capital equipment. It is very costly and to be maintained by trained person with respect to safety and long life of DG set.

Purpose : DG set has become a necessity in the modern world as bad power situation at present. Skilled technicians for DG set operation and maintenance are not easily available and if available very expensive. As such people wants to sublet the operation in bigger institutions.

Contarct : An operation and maintenance (O & M) agreement is an agreement between the project company and the operator. The project company delegates the sale, operation, maintenance and often performance management of the project to a reputable operator with expertise in the industry under the terms of the O & M agreement. The operator could be one of the sponsors of the project company or third-party operator. In other cases the project company may carry out by itself the operation and maintenance of the project and may eventually arrange for the technical assistance of an experienced company under a technical assistance agreement. Basic contents of an O & M contract are:

  • Definition of the service
  • Operator responsibility
  • Provision regarding the services rendered
  • Liquidated damages

We are engaged in providing Generators Operation & Maintenance Contract to our client at very reasonable price. Generators under the O & M Contract are manned by trained operators on round the clock basis or for stipulated shifts to operate the Gensets within the permissible limits. A record of all working parameters is maintained for monitoring performance of the equipment. A dedicated Team of technicians attends the equipment for carrying out routine & preventive maintenance as per Manufacturer’s recommendations.